MAKO-style LED Wingtip Kit

Lancair Mako file photo
2021 Lancair Turbo Mako – ready for completion
December 18, 2019

MAKO-style LED Wingtip Kit

Closeup of Lancair Mako Wingtip

Lancair ES owners — the sleek new Mako wingtips are now a high-tech retrofit for your ES or ES-P. An easy replacement for the stock wingtips, the Mako tips add approx. 7” to each wing.


They also incorporate a brilliant 6-LED light array, substantially improving the ES’s (marginal) original lighting and making your Lancair as bright as an airliner! Producing over 450,000 Candela (per set), these super efficient landing and navigation lights increase landing and takeoff visibility as well as enhancing your airplane’s “presence” on the ramp.

The wingtips’ subtle reshaping improves the aircraft’s handling by reducing roll coupling — the tendency to ‘skid’ in the air when rudder is applied. Many manufacturers add a spring in between the ailerons and rudder to force mechanical roll coupling. The Mako wingtips now achieve this aerodynamically, while reducing drag and looking great — day or night!


  • All ES models
Output (Candela)
  • 450,000 candela/candlepower (per set)
  • 15 lbs each
  • available in Carbon Composite or E-Glass (Carbon Composite kit pictured above)
  • E-Glass model can be supplied with NAV antenna bonded in place.
  • Contact us for details.
Power requirements
  • < 15 amps


Bare components & lens, unassembled
  • E-Glass — $2,700 / set
  • Carbon — $3,200 / set
Add lighting components
  • $2,800 / set
  • LED strobe, position & landing lights and digital light controller
  • E-Glass* — $5,500 / kit
  • Carbon — $6,000 / kit
  • Add Nav antenna* — $350 / tip
    • *Nav antenna is available only with E-Glass kit - Carbon composite materials are opaque to radio frequencies and are not useable with internal antennas.