The Lancair IV and IV-P series of aircraft kits are out of production. We continue to support these famous aircraft with parts and technical assistance.

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The Lancair IV and IV-P, a family of four seat low-wing retractable gear composite aircraft designed around the Continental TSIO-550 – a twin turbocharged engine that is capable of developing 350 horsepower at sea level and capable of operating altitudes as high as 29,000 feet.

The Lancair goal in 1990; to design and produce a 345 mph, four seat, pressurized aircraft that could be easily built in one’s home workshop. The Lancair IV proved to be incredibly fast, efficient and comfortable. Over the years Lancair pioneered many “industry firsts” with this aircraft. To begin, it was one of a few single engine piston aircraft in the history of aviation to achieve a pressurized cabin. It helped make the “IV-P” one of the world’s best personal cross-country aircraft.

By the end of 2011, 110 Lancair IVs and 250 IV-Ps had been completed and were flying; production of the aircraft kit was ended in 2012.

Operational history

In 2014, Bill Harrelson piloted a Lancair IV setting a world speed record for solo flight between the earth’s poles for an aircraft under 3,000 kilograms (6,600 lb) in a 175 hour long series of flights. The flight also broke a record from Fairbanks, Alaska to Kinston, North Carolina. The aircraft was modified to hold 361 U.S. gallons (1,370 L; 301 imp gal) of fuel.

Series Variants:

Lancair IV: Unpressurized four seat kit-plane, powered by a 350 HP Continental TSIO-550 engine.

Lancair IV-P: Pressurized four seat kit-plane, powered by a 350HP Continental TSIO-550 engine.

Lancair Propjet: Pressurized four seat kit-plane, powered by either a Walter or a PT6 Pratt & Whitney turboprop that can achieve cruise speeds in excess of 300 knots at altitudes up to 30,000 feet.

General Specs (Lancair IV-P): 4 Passengers, Wingspan 35 ft 6 in, Gross Weight 3,550 lbs, Fuel Capacity 90 US Gal, 110 US Gal with extended tanks.

Performance Specs: – Cruise 253 mph at 24,000 ft, Range 1,347 nm, Endurance 6.0 hrs, Rate of Climb 1500 ft/min.