Lancair ES-ESP

The Lancair ES and ES-P series of aircraft kits are out of production. We continue to support these famous aircraft with parts and technical assistance.

For support, please call us at 866-LANCAIR or visit the applicable support documents in the sidebar to the left.

Derived from the award-winning, world record setting Lancair IV, the ES and Super ES were the result of nearly 10 years of research, innovation and pilot input. These aircraft have high climb rates, long endurance, slow landing speeds and premium comfort, all packaged in a very elegant, streamlined design. The custom airfoil sections used in the high performance Lancair IV were ideally suited for Lancair’s ES models.

Cabin Comfort

The ES interior is a spacious 46 inches across and 48 inches in height. An inflatable door seal keeps the cabin shielded from whistling wind and engine noise.

Super ES

The Super ES cruises at 225 mph using a 310-hp Continental 1O-550 engine. The ES can easily reach 200 mph with its 210-hp Continental 1O-360 engine. The climb rate (up to 2000 fpm) and takeoff distance (600 ft.) ranks high for its power and performance. Plus, fuel consumption is 10-15% less than other similarly powered engines, the result of a finely tuned induction system.

Operational history

By December 2011, 90 aircraft had been completed and flown. At least two have utilized custom engine mounts to allow installation of Lycoming IO-540 engines.

Production of the aircraft kit was ended in 2012.

General Specs: – 4 passengers, Wingspan 36 ft 6 in, Gross Weight 3,550 lbs, Fuel Capacity 105 gal

Performance Specs: Cruise 215 mph, Range 1,217 nm, Climb Rate 2,000 ft/min.