Synergy/Calima T-90

The Calima T-90 is the result of a strategic alliance between the Corporación de la Industria Aeronáutica Colombiana SA (CIAC) and Lancair. The Calima T-90 is assembled in Colombia, with the design and manufacture of part of its components coming from Lancair in Uvalde, Texas.

CIAC took up the challenge of making an aircraft with advanced technology to replace the aging fleet of training aircraft in use by the Colombian Air Force. The result of this initiative was a low-wing monoplane aircraft with seating for two crew called the Calima T-90.

Celebration in Colombia: 10,000 Flight Hours achieved

To date, 26 units have been manufactured, and these aircraft have completed the training of more than 182 Colombian Air Force pilots, with sustained enlistment levels of 92%.

The combination of a lightweight and durable efficient reciprocating engine coupled with state-of-the-art on-board equipment, dual-command flight control system, composite structure, plexiglass cover, excellent maneuverability, low-speed loss and efficient aerodynamic design make the Calima T-90 an optimal aircraft for military training performance. 

In addition, this aircraft is in the process of civil certification to carry out missions of instruction, aerial photography, VIP transport and sports aviation, among others.

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