After 34 years in the Pacific Northwest, Lancair International has relocated to the sunny climate of South Texas!

From their new Uvalde, Texas home, Lancair offers full support for existing aircraft owners with parts, technical assistance and documentation as well as maintenance, repairs and inspections for Lancair and other experimental aircraft. In addition, on-site access to maintenance, avionics, paint and interior completion facilities ensure a convenient “one-stop” solution for owners and kit builders.

As part of the move, Lancair's inventory and assets in the Philippines will return to the US. Soon, the company plans to return to production, bringing back the Legacy and ES models along with enhancements to the existing fleet and new aircraft designs. A frequent host for national and world soaring competitions, Uvalde's Garner Field airport (KUVA) is an ideal site for aircraft development and flight testing.

Lancair Worldwide

Lancair International LLC. pioneered advanced composite aircraft kits in 1984. Since then, more than 2,100 Lancair kits have been sold in more than 34 countries, on 5 continents. Many hundreds are flying today with tens of thousands of flight hours logged. Lancair is proud to promote the highest standards of safety in the industry.

Lancair International manufactures advanced composite structures and precision machined aircraft components at its Uvalde, Texas facility, and has established proprietary relationships with hand-selected vendors in the USA and around the world.

History always in the Making

The Lancair family of aircraft has covered the range of private pilot aircraft from the solid two-seat aerobatic Lancair Legacy, the economical two-seat Legacy fixed-gear to the four-seat, fixed-gear Lancair ES, the 330 mph Lancair IV speedster to the fourth-ever pressurized piston single in the history of aviation, the Lancair IV-P. In 2000 Lancair added a turbine engine option to the Lancair IV-P. This high-powered turbine propelled the Lancair IV-P to incredible speeds of up to 370 mph!

Lancair’s goal is to play an important part in shaping the future of modern aviation through innovation, technical advancement, safety, aesthetics, and of course, producing the best in high performance aircraft.

Company Ownership

In February 2003, founder and president, Lance Neibauer announced the sale of his kit company to Joseph C. Bartels, a previous Lancair IV-P customer. In 2010, the Wolstenholme family of Colmar, Pennsylvania, who had been major stockholders of the company, assumed ownership and control with the naming of Bob Wolstenholme as CEO. Mr. Wolstenholme had built two Lancair IV aircraft and now, has also built an Evolution.

In February 2017, Lancair International ,LLC was created and operations were relocated to Uvalde, Texas. The new company, Lancair International LLC, supports the 320/360, IV, IV-P, ES and Legacy models as well as continuing development of upgrades and new aircraft models. Development of the Evolution models is now supported by a separate company, Evolution Aircraft, based in Redmond, Oregon.

About Lancair

Lance Neibauer, Founder

Lance A. Neibauer, founder and creative force behind the award-winning Lancair line of aircraft, set the standard for efficiency and high performance that has been the hallmark of Lancair from the beginning. Lance began his career as a graphic designer having received a BFA degree from Michigan State University in 1971. With a strong family background in aviation (Meyers Aircraft), Lance was drawn into aviation in the late 70’s when composite structures began to appear. The marriage of aviation and art is apparent in the sculptured lines on all Lancairs and the look of the Lancair is instantly recognizable throughout the line.

The first model, the Lancair 200, was flown in 1984 and today, that prototype resides in the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) Museum in Oshkosh, WI. Since that time, the name Lancair has come to represent industry leadership, a success based on an unrelenting commitment to quality and innovation. Lancair has played a key role in defining the character of the growing kit plane industry, a market segment that now outsells the Certified GA aircraft fleet by more than 3 to 1.

There have been more than 2,100 Lancair kits sold in more than 34 countries, on 5 continents. Hundreds are flying with tens of thousand of flight hours logged. Lancair also promotes the highest standards of safety in the industry due in no small part to the extensive Lancair Builder Assist Program, Lancair Preflight Inspection Program, First Flight Test Program, Flight Training Program and of course, Lancair’s strong, solid airframe designs.

Lancair’s sleek, innovative designs have won numerous awards at national and international airshow conventions for “Outstanding Design” and “Best New Design.” Lance Neibauer, in recognition of his notable impact on the industry, was honored with the August Raspet Award, given by the Experimental Aircraft Association for the advancement of general aviation. He has been included in the “Top Ten Engineers of the Year” by Design News Magazine, awarded “Entrepreneur of the Year” by Entrepreneur Magazine, and has received the Aviation Achievement Award by Teledyne Continental Motors, just to name a few of his honors. In 2009 Mr. Neibauer was inducted into the EAA Aviation Hall of Fame.

The continuing success of the Lancair family of aircraft is the result of a company philosophy dedicated to expanding and refining the product line, a commitment to style, innovation and technical advancements such as the use of advanced composite airframe structures.

Customer satisfaction in product and service is the truest measure of success. The Lancair customer receives an extensive free technical support service, as well as an optional formal First Flight Test Program (one of the few such programs in the industry), a Preflight Inspection Program and a Flight Training Program among other services. It is this unrivaled partnership extended to the Lancair customer that insures his or her success as well as that of the company behind the product.