Westbound around the world record challenged by Bill Harrelson in his Lancair IV

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December 9, 2019

Westbound around the world record challenged by Bill Harrelson in his Lancair IV

Bill Harrelson and N6ZQ

December 2019: Lancair is proud to be a sponsor of the latest attempt to unseat the 58-year old record for westbound circumnavigation of the globe. Lancair IV builder/owner Bill Harrelson, who circumnavigated the globe via the North and South Poles in 2015, embarks this week on a new record attempt, a westbound solo flight around the globe to beat Max Conrad’s eight-day record from 1961.

Bill remarks, “We’re just about ready to start out on our attempt to break Max Conrad’s 58 year old record for Speed Around the World Westbound, class C1d. This is sometimes known as the “unbeatable record”. If any airplane can do it, it’s a Lancair.

I’ll be starting in Lakeland, Florida on December 5. The route is: Lakeland, Florida – Honolulu, Hawaii – Jakarta, Indonesia – Cape Town, South Africa – San Juan, Puerto Rico – Lakeland, Florida. To break Max’s record we’ve got to beat his speed by 1% minimum which is 108.4 knots. I’ll fly 21,951 credited nm (great circle distance between declared points). If I can stay on schedule, I’ll fly those miles in 168 hours. 21,951 / 168 = 130.76 knots.”

To learn more, visit Bill’s web page HERE or follow the flight on SPIDERTRACKS.

12/16/19 UPDATE: Landing in Ontario, CA at 21:21 PST on December 15, Bill has completed his journey and (unofficially) broken the previous record by 19 hours and 28 minutes! Pending verification by the Official Observer, Harrelson is the new record holder. More details at bill’s website: N6ZQ CONGRATULATIONS from all of us at Lancair International!