2020 Lancair Barracuda Kit – 2/3 completed

Lancair Barracuda N380L
2019 Lancair Barracuda
December 17, 2019
Lancair ES-R N621XT
Lancair ES-R Reg. No. N621XT
July 20, 2020

2020 Lancair Barracuda Kit – 2/3 completed

Lancair Barracuda fuselage

2020 Lancair Barracuda Kit


Call for pricing

This particular aircraft began life in Redmond as one of the last 5 Legacy serial numbers prior to Lancair’s relocation to Texas. As the factory builder, we have the history fully documented on this build and awaiting a qualified new owner to complete the aircraft and take her to the skies.

Substantial progress has been made on this aircraft build, with some 64% of the process professionally completed by former Lancair team members. The aircraft canopy, landing gear, firewall and engine mount have been installed and the aircraft already includes the popular Starflight cabin interior and throttle quadrant upgrades.

We offer a full build assist program with access to precision factory assembly jigs and tooling and will be happy to coordinate a walk though our “dream planner” which will address the package and options with projected costs for your review. Due to the considerable build progress on kit #345, the expected build time to complete this aircraft could be as little as 3 to 5 months. This can be shortened or lengthened, depending on the builder assist level and options selected.


  • Pre-molded Composite Airframe Components
  • Carbon Composite Cowling
  • Assembled Canopy, Inflatable Canopy Seal
  • Windows
  • Firewall Insulation Blanket & Engine Mount
  • Complete Landing Gear and Retract Systems
  • Wheels, Brakes, and Tires
  • Rudder Control, Pilot/Co-Pilot Braking Systems
  • Aileron, Elevator, Control Stick Systems
  • Flap Control System
  • Elevator, Aileron & Rudder Electric Trim Systems
  • Fuel System, Fuel Selector, Probes, Locking Fuel Caps
  • Starflight customized interior shell
  • Starflight customized throttle quadrant
  • Seat Belts and Shoulder Harnesses
  • Pitot Static Kit
  • Lights, Antennas, Eyeball Vents, Cabin Heat Assembly
  • Speedbrake Pocket Cover, Boost Pump
  • Voltage Regulator, Battery, Battery Box
  • Necessary Airframe Hardware, Tubing, and Hoses

Performance (typical)

  • engine: Continental IO-550
  • Cruise (typ @ 8000 ft): 276 mph
  • Fuel Consumption (typ): 13.5-15 gph
  • Range (w/res): 1150 sm
  • Endurance (w/res): 4 hrs
  • Rate of Climb @ sea level:
  • Solo 3000 fpm
  • Gross 2200 fpm
  • Take Off Roll @ sea level: 800 ft
  • Landing Roll: 900 ft
  • Stall Speed VsO: 65 mph
  • Wing Loading: 23 lbs/sq ft
  • Power Loading: 7.1 lbs/hp
  • G loading (utility): +4.4, -2.2

This aircraft is offered in “AS IS” condition. All information contained herein was derived from sources believed correct, but is not guaranteed. Buyers shall rely entirely on their own information, judgment and inspection of the aircraft and record. Aircraft is subject to prior sale and retraction from the market.