Stratus Cumulus Nimbus
Package Cost $58,934 $67,848 $74,202
Dual G3X Touch 10.6" displays with XM receiver
Single G3X Touch 10.6" display with XM receiver
Dual GSU-25 ADAHRS units
GSU-25 ADAHRS unit
GEA-24 engine indication system (EIS) with sensors
GTS-800 Active Traffic system
G5 Standby EFIS with battery backup
GMC-307 3 axis Autopilot with yaw damper
Heated Pitot / AOA probe
GMA-245 Remote Audio Panel
GTN-750 GPS/Nav/Com
GTR-20 Remote Com
GTN-650 GPS/Nav/Com
GTX-45 remote Transponder with ADS-B In & Out
406 mhz ELT
CO detector
Custom engraved instrument panel
LED Glareshield light strip
All antennas, switches, power conditioners and jacks