February 9, 2017

Lancair International, Inc. announces new Ownership based out of Uvalde, Texas.

Lancair International, Inc. is announcing the sale of all of its out-of-production Assets, Lancair brand, and Kit Components Support Assets to new Ownership based out of Uvalde, Texas. Effective February 6, 2017, composite kit-plane pioneers Lancair International Inc. and Kit Components Inc. announces the sale of all non-Evolution assets to a new company, Lancair International LLC, based in Texas. The sale includes all assets, intellectual designs, and ongoing support business for all currently “out of production” Lancair aircraft kit models, including 320/360, IV, IV-P, ES and Legacy aircraft. The new company will continue to support over 2000 current customers through […]
September 9, 2016
map of Australia with photos of Lancair Super ES

Journey to Coolangata

Henry and Henson’s Great Adventure All good adventures start with a simple plan. My buddy from Sydney Australia, Bryan Jacobs, gave me a call and said that a mate of his was looking for a Lancair ES. Could I help? Well, of course. So, Greg Manzie, from Brisbane, drops me a line saying he’ll be in the US just before Halloween and could I look at the 6 planes he was interested it. Anything for a future Lancair owner. Greg has a newer Mooney and is tired of the very limited CG range and carrying capacity. He quickly narrowed his […]
July 5, 2016

LancairTalk Net

Join the many Lancair Owners and fans at LancairTalk.net. You will find relative information on the many aircraft types produced by Lancair International and have an opportunity to participate in their many ongoing Forums, including: Power Plants Avionics Trips and Photos Classifieds Historical LML Building, Repairing and Maintaining your aircraft Learning from That Area 51 Insurance Under “Information” you can learn about Latest News Provide Site Feedback Chat at the Water Cooler Aviation Fly-ins and Gatherings Visit LancairTalk.net