Lancair Legacy Aircraft

Lancair Legacy Aircraft

Efficient High Performance, Elegant Design

At Lancair our legacy is efficient performance. Efficient high performance and elegant design were Lance Neibauer’s targets when he designed the original two place Lancair 200 over 30 years ago. How fitting it is that the ground breaking fiberglass 200 has evolved into the 2015 Lancair Legacy aircraft which continues to embody this concept.

Today, as in the beginning, the Legacy RG-550, FGC-550 and the FG-390 family of aircraft are designed with speed as the primary focus. They are efficient in speed, space, and economy. One look at a Lancair Legacy tells you that this is a fast aircraft. The sleek, no frills design is a definitive low drag shape that will move you and another through the air at 250 mph while burning only 15 gallons of avgas per hour. Fingertip control forces provide the experience, maybe for the first time, of why you learned to fly. To actually build this work of aviation art yourself allows you to establish your own aviation legacy. Begin building yours today with the Lancair Legacy – 30 years of high performance history.

2015 Lancair Legacy Inclusive Kit Pricing Featuring Dual G3X panel with integrated G3X Smart Autopilot

Lancair Legacy kits are now available in four models that include everything you need to build a flying Legacy (except paint and interior upholstery).

These all inclusive kits include airframe, a new engine, all “Firewall Forward” parts and accessories, propeller, and a complete “plug and play” IFR glass panel. This panel features dual Garmin G3X screens with integrated ADAHRS, Engine Information System (EIS), AOA and ADS-B. Also standard is the new Garmin G3X integrated autopilot which features Flight Director, coupled approach and VNAV, plus auto trim.

All models except the RG-550/R will feature new “cuffed” wings that provide better low speed performance. The inclusive pricing is targeted to those that wish to move quickly through their build and fly as soon as possible. It provides all components “up front” so that some construction phases can be performed simultaneously, rather than sequentially which makes it possible to be flying your new Legacy in less than a year. In addition, the Inclusive Kit pricing includes an initial two week assisted build shop at the Lancair facility.

RG-550 - pricing upon request

The improved Legacy RG-550 is a retractable gear Legacy with carbon fuselage and wing skins. It is powered by a factory new 310 hp Continental IO-550N engine.

FGC-550 - pricing upon request

The FGC-550 is a fixed gear Legacy which features the same factory new Continental IO-550N engine and the same airframe carbon content as a retractable RG-550.

FG-390 - pricing upon request

The FG-390 fixed gear Legacy features a lower cost fiberglass airframe incorporating carbon reinforcements, and is powered by a factory new 210 hp. Lycoming IO-390X engine.

RG-550/R – Custom pricing upon request

The RG-550/R is a special version Legacy RG suitable for Sport and Super Sport Air Racing. It features a re-enforced carbon fuselage and wings for high G environments. The fuselage on the /R has two additional plies of carbon over its entirety plus 2 more additional plies in the forward sections (firewall to forward spar carry-through area). All of the usual wet layup fiberglass parts in the standard RG airframe (ribs, stiffeners and closeouts) are changed to carbon wet lay-up. Custom instrumentation, harnesses, window delete options are available. Turbocharged Continental TSIO-550E Engines available, custom firewall forward required.

Individually priced components will still be available